Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Day - 24 August 2010

The sands of time are slowly running out on 2010 - this is day 235 out of 365...and I still haven't been to the FHC this year (but I have been to the FHL!). Stayed home today and tried to finish some projects.

* Read email and blogs, researched and wrote Tombstone Tuesday - Charles H. Salmon (1858-1884) and then wrote "A Brief History of Common Surnames" by Ralph Taylor.

* Got cleaned up, answered some CVGS email, worked on the survey, then worked in my database through lunchtime. Got D, E and F done in the Data Errors list. Finding lots of unconnected people - probably 2-3 every page. Fixed some sources, fixed more date errors.

* Wrote Exploring AmericanAncestors.org - Post 4: External Databases and then explored the newspaper databases for names in my ancestry, especially New England, New York and New Jersey folks. Found some useful articles about Lewis on Staten Island. Copied, and will show it on Wednesday.

* Printed out my 9 generation pedigree charts in RootsMagic - need them for Wednesday's CVGS Picnic game. Worked through about ten TAG journals adding information to my database on subject families. Found I had done some of that already. Have 3 older ones to do. May want to check NEHGR too. May be easier to use Hollick's book to find useful material.

* Went in at 5:30 for dinner on the patio, then back to read everything and download photos from our cameras from Grandpa Camp, the grandgirls last two visits, and Linda's swimming classes. Printed some out. Printer balked at a 300 mb file for some reason.

* Watched Padres game, watered the front plants, read the paper then the new Family Tree Mag, and Pads beat Zonies 5-0. Checked Facebook too.

* Back online at 10 PM to read everything, write this post, and be done.

Genealogy today was 9.5 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, 3.0 hours working in the database, 1.5 hours working in AmericanAncestors databases, 1.0 hour making pedigree charts in FTM, LFT and RM, and 0.5 hour working on CVGS stuff.

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