Thursday, July 29, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Days - 28-29 July 2010

Tami and the girls were here these two days, so not much genealogy got done, but we made some good family history and I got some really cool pictures today with my new camera.

On Wednesday, 28 July:

* Read email and blogs while the girls ate, and quickly posted (not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 113: A View Toward Downtown San Diego in the 1900s and wrote FamilySearch Standard Finder - Post 2 after they all took off for the mall.

* Got cleaned up, ate lunch at home, and went off to the library at 11:40 AM for the CVGS monthly program. Talked for awhile afterwards, and got home at 3 PM.

* Read everything, then napped awhile until the girls got up from their naps at 4 PM. They went swimming and I wrote What is this Seaver family line? - Post 1 and then met them for dinner at El Pollo Loco.

* Home by 7 PM, watched Padres game, girls had a bath and dressed, read to and to bed easily. Padres beat Dodgers 6-1.

* After the game, read everything, checked Facebook and Twitter, wrote post for the morning, and didn't write my daily post here.

On Thursday, 29 July:

* Able to read email and blogs before girls got up, and noted that Treasure Chest Thursday - A 30th Wedding Anniversary posted.

* Got cleaned up, and we went off to the SD Zoo at 9:30 PM. Took the Skyride over, then walked through the Elephant Odyssey, had lunch (great ice cream) and came home - got here by 1:30 PM.

* Read everything, but tired and took a nap, and then posted Why is the FamilySearch Labs Standard Finder Important? before going in to watch the Padres game.

* Left at 5 PM to meet the girls for dinner at Rubio's. Home by 6:30 PM and Tami and the girls headed home after two days here. Saw end of Padres game - we won 3-2 in bottom of the 9th (Pads now 60-40, up 3.5 games on Giants in NL West). Did chores after the game while Linda did email.

* Back online to read everything, wrote CVGS Program Summary - "Vital Records" by Susi Pentico and Who is Chelsea Clinton related to? Did some online research on the two Joshua Seavers, and then talked to Lori for 30 minutes and wrote this post. Done!

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