Thursday, July 22, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Days - 21-22 July 2010

Back from the OC today. Three more days to finish the FamilySearch presentation and handout. Almost done! Then I can concentrate on my own research, the database and blogging for awhile.

On Wednesday, 21 July:

* Read email, blogs and Twitter, and wrote (Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 112: Brother and Sister?

* Got cleaned up, packed the suitcase, copied final versions to the flash drive, packed the laptop case, and went off to lunch at McDonalds, then to the library for the CVGS meeting.

* CVGS Computer Group meeting started at 11:30 AM, and I left before 1 PM in order to get home. Packed the car, and took a short nap. Noted that War of 1812 Final Payment Vouchers on posted and shut down the computer.

* We left at 1:45 PM for Orange County up I-5. Used the carpool lane to miss Del Mar track traffic and OC traffic, and got to Ruth's house in Yorba Linda before 4 PM. Met Ruth and Rudy, and got settled, then went to dinner with them and other GSNOCC members. What a wonderful and friendly group!

* We got to the community center by 6:30 PM, I got set up quickly, although the cable from the laptop to the projector was short so I blocked the view of about 1/3 of the room. There were about 50 in attendance. The 60 minute talk went fast, and I enjoyed the questions and comments afterward, and the ice cream too!

* Back to Ruth's by 9:45 PM, and we went to bed quickly.

On Wednesday, 22 July:

* Up early to read the paper, talk to Rudy and eventually we got ready and went out to breakfast. Back to talk about genealogy (Randy and Ruth) and family (Linda and Rudy). We left at about 11 AM, and tooled down the 55 to the 1, and ended up in Laguna Beach for lunch. Walked around a bit, and headed home, getting here by 3:15 PM.

* Linda got on computer and I took a nap. Finally online at 4:30 PM, noted that Treasure Chest Thursday - 1870 Map of Leominster MA posted this morning, and "Using Old and New" Program at CVGS on Sunday, 25 July had posted at noontime.

* Read email (160 total) and blogs (200 total), then had dinner. Back online at 6:30 PM, worked on FamilySearch presentation some more - added more charts and comments. Need to finish it!

* Read some more blogs (the ones that don't show up in Bloglines), and then read about and wrote FDA regulation and our genetic information. We all need to sign the petition.

* Checked in on Twitter and Facebook, and wrote this post. Done! Tired!

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