Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Will Try Harder...

I knew I hadn't posted for awhile, but March 31?  It is so easy to let it slide.  After, what, 10 years of nearly daily posts except on vacation, that is the longest break I've had.

Over the 10 days, life has gone on.  Linda goes to the Y, we go shopping, the Padres play almost every day, and I read blogs and write blogs on my regular schedule.  What has fallen by the wayside is working on the Ancestry Hints.  I've been working on the WDYTYA project almost every day.  Last night, it was looking for obituaries and death notices. 

So, today I dropped Linda at the Y, came home to read email and blogs, wrote Tombstone Tuesday - Jonathan White (1803-1850) in White-Chace Lot in Glocester, Rhode Island because I forgot to write it last night, picked Linda up at 9:30 and we shopped at Costco, and I picked up my new eye glasses.  Much better distant vision field, and more magnification - I think I'll be able to read the box scores in the paper now.  We had lunch at Costco - I had pizza for the first time in awhile.

We got home at 11:15 a.m., and I wrote Do I Still Need a Desktop Genealogy Software Program?, took a short nap, wrote Genealogy News Bytes - 10 April 2018, checked Twitter and Facebook, and wrote the Wordless post.

I went in for dinner at 5:15 p.m., and we watched the Padres game against the Rockies.  Pads won 5-2, so now 4-8 on the season (we started 1-6 and 2-8).  Then on to the computer to answer email, add to the Best Of post, check Facebook, and write this post. 

Is anyone still reading this blog? 

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GeniAus said...

Yes I do. Maybe not every post but the majority of them.