Friday, February 16, 2018

My Genealogy Friday - 16 February 2018

This was pretty much a stay-at-home genealogy day for me.

*  Dropped Linda at the Y, home to read, picked her up and we went to the grocery store.  Home by 9:40 a.m.  The housecleaner didn't come today, drat.  

*  Noted that 52 Ancestors - Week 214: #293 Elisabeth (Fletcher) Keyes (1698-1775) of Chelmsford and Westford, Massachusetts posted, added to the Best Of post, and wrote New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 16 February 2018.

*  Worked in RootsMagic a bit matching folks with Family Tree.  Took a rest at noon.  Had lunch, then online at 12:45 p.m. to read, and write Family History Fanatics Meet & Greet Schedule at RootsTech 2018.  Wrote Genealogy News Bytes - 16 February 2018 and set it for later.

*  Checked Twitter and Facebook, then wrote the two Saturday posts.  

*  Went in at 5 p.m. to fix dinner (leftovers), and watched TV news and read the paper, then washed dishes.  

*  Online at 6:30 p.m. to read, add to the Best Of post, work a bit in Findmypast looking for Seaver folks in England, and then TreeShared about 150 persons in the database - got them all updated.

*  Decided to look at Seaver probate records in Wisconsin and California in hopes of finding a mention of George W. Seaver.  No such luck, but a useful exercise.

*  Checked Facebook, and wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 9.5 hours.

*  Forgot to download more RootsTech handouts.  Maybe tomorrow!

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