Monday, January 22, 2018

My Full Genealogy Monday - 22 January 2018

This was a pretty full genealogy Monday, and I loved it.  I didn't love the solar panel guys not coming for their appointment.  Slept in until 7:15 a.m.

*  Dropped Linda off, home to read blogs and email, picked her up at 8:45 a.m., and home by 8:55.

*  Joined Mondays With Myrt right at 9 a.m., and we discussed interesting things.  I talked about the Ancestry indexing and sourcing again.  

*  Noted that Amanuensis Monday - 1722 Probate Papers of Stephen Atwood (1653-1722) of Eastham, Mass. posted, added to the Best Of post, and wrote What's Coming From FamilySearch in 2018.

*  Took a short nap, had lunch, and online to answer email, and worked on Helen's problem.  I think I found the mother living in Oregon.  Wrote Monday Genea-Pourri - 22 January 2018.

*  Wrote four posts for the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe trying to catch up.  I ignored that blog for over a month.  Talked to Tami and Audrey.  Worked in GenealogyBank adding 10 sources for Seaver obituaries.

*  Checked Twitter and Facebook, then the solar guy came and we talked for a bit about genealogy while he tried to figure out why his guys didn't come.  They had another date for the appointment.  Yep, I believe that.

*  Went in for dinner at 5:30, watched TV news, read the paper, and washed dishes. 

*  Online at 7 p.m. to read, talk to Lori, added to the Best Of post, and wrote the Treasure Chest Tuesday post.  Then TreeShared about 70 persons, only about 40 to go now.  Worked in RootsMagic matching profiles in Family Tree for awhile. 

*  Checked Facebook, and wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 10.0 hours.

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