Monday, June 6, 2016

My Genealogy Monday - 6 June 2016

Back in the journal saddle again.  I wrote about Jamboree over the weekend - see SCGS 2016 Genealogy Jamboree Blog Compendium - UPDATED.

*  Read email and blogs, then  joined Mondays With Myrt and briefly discussed Jamboree.  Noted that Amanuensis Monday - Post 323: Widow's Dower Division for Estate of Henry Smith (1680-1743) of Medfield, Mass. posted.

*  Edited and printed the master of the CVGS Newsletter, and the mailing list.  Copied the Jamboree syllabus to the hard drive and read some of the DNA handouts.

*  Was very tired, so took a 30 minute nap, then had lunch.  Noted that Added or Updated Record Collections at - Week of 29 May to 4 June 2016 posted.

*  Wrote Win a DNA Journey Contest With Momondo.  Gathered the CVGS stuff and went to the UPS Store to print and mail the CVGS newsletter.

*  Back at 2:30 p.m. to read, then read the main syllabus almost all the way through.  There are some excellent articles there.  Helped Linda with pictures on the wall.

*  Went in at 6 p.m. to watch TV news and eat dinner, watered the front plants, then online at 7 p.m. to read email and add to the Best Of blog.

*  Went in at 7:20 p.m. to watch the Padres game, read the paper, and read my book.  Padres won 7-2 over the Braves, so now 23-35 on the season.  We go on Tuesday night again.  

*  Online at 10 p.m. to read, add to the SCGS post, check Facebook, and write this post.  Genealogy today was 9.5 hours.

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