Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Geneaholic Tuesday - 4 November 2014

I stayed home again today, and mostly did genealogy stuff.  Had a good day!

*  Read email and blogs, and wrote Tuesday's Tip - Look for Local Genealogical Society Publications of Local Records.

*  Edited the Source Citation presentation, saved it as a PDF and put all of the presentation materials in Dropbox to get it on the laptop soon.  Watched Crista's latest video, and Anne's too.

*  Worked on the Elizabeth Dill birth problem, and found her finally.  Wrote Crowd-Sourcing Works Again! Finding Elizabeth Dill's Birth Record in Eastham, Massachusetts Records.  Added correct source citations for all of the Dills I found in that one "book".

*  Went off at 3:15 p.m. to the pharmacy to get my prescription, home by 3:45 p.m. to read, add to the Best Of post, and check Facebook.  Worked on the Ancestry record transcription changes.

*  Went in at 5 p.m. to read the paper, watch TV, eat dinner, water the front yard, and wash dishes.  

*  Online at 7 p.m. to read, wrote Ancestry.com Changes Their Record Page Formatsolved a research problem in the database, and then resolved the last 11 1940 US Census entries in m y Record Hints.  Sources at 56,624.

*  Added to the Best Of post, and wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 9.5 hours.

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