Friday, April 18, 2014

My Genealogy Week - 13 to 18 April 2014

We went to Huntington Beach last Sunday to pick up the grandgirls and see their new home.  We brought the girls back to San Diego that night so their parents could get things organized.  They went home today.

Each day I tried to get at least two blog posts out in the time I had to work on genealogy during the day and the evening.  That was complicated by the need to care for them (breakfast, dress, play, console, cajole, help, lunch, dinner, bath, bedtime) each day.  They went swimming with Linda on Monday and Tuesday, we all went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wednesday, and to the Padres game on Thursday.

I went to Temecula on Monday for my talk there in the evening, but got an hour in at the library and found the Hopkins silver book.  The talk went well.

Today, we packed them up and I took them to Carlsbad to meet their mom for lunch at In n Out, and was home by 1:30 p.m.  Was happy to get some time on the computer to do blog posts and even a little research in PA death certificates.

The Padres game vs. the Giants tonight was a pitcher's duel - 2-1 but my Pads won, so now 8-9 on the season, and 5-3 on the homestand.

I'm really tired of driving...200 on Sunday to HB, 150 to Temecula on Monday, 80 to Zoo on Wednesday, only 10 to the Padres, and 80 today to deliver the girls.  Another 50 on Saturday to go. 570 in a week.  It's boring...and cuts into my genealogy time.

Regular journaling will resume tomorrow!

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