Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Genealogy Thursday - 7 November 2013

I'm having all sorts of fun experiences this week - today I used FTM 2014 to create a tree using WebSearch.  First time to do that for any length of time.

*  Read email and blogs, wrote Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 188: Alma Bessie Richmond 1882 Birth Registration and then researched and wrote Over 5,000 Databases Added to Mocavo in Past 5 Days, and Dataset Title Search Tool and set it for noontime.

*  Decided to make friend John's tree using FTM 2014.  Started with Russ's creation and edited data, added persons, searched Ancestry using WebSearch and managed to add quite a few persons and families for the Powell line.  Sources and media attached too.  Several good AMTs led the way, and then I added records by searching and merging into the FTM tree.

*  Decided to stop at 4 p.m. and researched and wrote Finding Ethel - Post 1: Candidate Search, but had to eat dinner and came back and finished it after 6 p.m.

*  Worked on the CVGS newsletter and got it done - needs an edit on Friday, printing  and publishing at the UPS Store.

*  Started working in the database, found some Lincoln data, and added it, and then had to fix the end generation and add several more, then added the line down to President Abraham.  The grandgirls are 8th cousins 6 times removed.

*  Added to the Best Of post, checked Facebook, and wrote this post.  Genealogy today was 1.5 hours.

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