Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Genealogy Friday and Saturday - 17-18 May 2013

These were a busy two days with genealogy, a doctor's visit, and the Padres games.

1)  Friday, 17 May:

*  After reading emails and blogs, and noting that Follow-Up Friday - Helpful and Interesting Reader Comments posted, 

*  I left at 8:45 a.m. for a 9:30 labe test in downtown San diego.  I've been coughing, and the doctor wanted to eliminate a physic problem, so I went for a swallow test.  They turn on the x-ray machine, adjust it, and watch you swallow a number of foods/drinks, all coated or containing barium so that it's visible on the x-ray.  It was interesting, painless, and I got my morning snack calories.  

*  Home by 10 a.m. and researched and wrote Finding Isaac Seaver (1823-1901) in FamilySearch Record Collections and set it for later.

*  Did one last edit of the Blogging presentation, saved it to Dropbox, and started the laptop and loaded it from Dropbox and made sure it worked.  Charges the laptop and all devices for Saturday.

*  Wrote the Syrname Saturday post, and then wrote I'm Speaking at South Orange County, California Genealogical Society (SOCCGS) on Saturday, 18 May.

*  Worked in Evidentia some more, adding sources and claims for Devier Smith's birth.  I need to review the videos available to make sure I'm doing things right.

*  Went in for dinner, did some chores, and tried to join the Evidentia Hangout but it was full.  So I worked in Oklahoma marriages on FamilySearch - added sources and data.

*  Watched the Padres game, we lost 6-5 to Washington in the 10th inning.  Drat.  Came in to quickly write Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post - did the research needed, and off to bed at 11:15 p.m.

Genealogy this day was 9.0 hours

2)  Saturday, 18 May:

*  Read email and blogs, and packed up the laptop and stuff, plus the map, and off to Mission Viejo for my SOCCGS presentation on Blogging.  Left at 8:15 a.m., got there by 9:40 a.m., met Francie and crew, and sat through their business meeting.  Lots of good information about programs and new ideas.  At the break, I got setup and ready to speak, had a snack, and started at 11 a.m.  It went OK, although the images on the screen were relatively small, and a lot of my slide backgrounds are white (not my fault people use a white background on their blogs or web pages!).  Done at 12 noon, answered some questions, and packed up and left by 12:30 p.m.

*  Traffic was heavy to Dana Point and then San Clemente to Leucadia, home by 2:30 p.m.  Read email and blogs, noted that Surname Saturday - WHEELER (England > Colonial Massachusetts) and Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Own Scavenger Hunt posted.

*  Watched the Preakness, then got ready to go to the Padres game.  We left at 3:50 p.m., stopped at El Pollo Loco for Linda's dinner, to the trolley, and in Petco Park by 5 p.m.  I had a pizza slice for dinner.  Padres won 2-1 over Washington in a fast game - two hours, well pitched.  Padres are now 19-23, 11-10 at home, 8-13 on the road.  

*  Home on the trolley, arrived at 8:45 p.m. and read.  Helped Linda a bit.  Checked Facebook and Google+.  Wrote this post. 

Genealogy today was 4.0 hours, plus 4 hours of driving to Mission Viejo and back.  I'm tired!

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