Saturday, November 26, 2011

My non-genealogy days - 24 throguh 26 November 2011

I have not had much time to pursue my genealogy goals since Thanksgiving Day, which is understandable I guess.

1)  Thursday, 24 November 2011:

*  Read email and blogs, and noted that Happy Thanksgiving! and I Am So Thankful ... posted.  I wrote My Mayflower Connections - 6. William Brewster and My Mayflower Connections - 7. Edward Fuller and set them for later in the day.

*  Russ was working on my GEDCOM file, and we exchanged many emails as he found problems or quandaries, and we thrashed them out. 

*  Linda and I left at 3 p.m. to pick up Lillian, and we all went to Ben and Sharon's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Their three kids, five grandkids, and three other family friends were there, for a nice group of 16.  We were home by 8:30 p.m.

*  Read everything, added to the Best Of posts, and answered some email.

2)  Friday, 25 November 2011:

*  No, I didn't go shopping at midnight, at 4 a.m., or anytime during the day.  Linda did in the morning but not to the busy stores. 

*  Read email and blogs, and wrote Follow Friday - More Weekend Genealogy Fun! and then My Mayflower Connections Compendium (and an explanation).

*  worked some more on Russ's emails, and wrote File Sharing and Brick Walls - Russ Examines My Database and set it for later.  Kind of wary of someone finding all of my errors of commission and omission! 

*  Tami and James, Lauren and Audrey, and Spencer the basset  arrived just as I was finished with the last post.  While A and T slept, I did more work, writing The Strange "Y" in a Death Description Field in a RootsMagic 4 GEDCOM File.  When A got up, I helped get her settled with a snack and we watched TV and cuddled. 

*  T & J left for dinner and a shopping date, and we took the girls to El Pollo Loco for dinner, then to Cold Stone for ice cream afterwards.  We were home by 7:30 and finally got the girls in bed by 9.  They were still awake at 10:15 when T & J got home. 

*  Needless to say, I had to hurry to get the two posts for Saturday done before bedtime at 11:30.

3)  Saturday, 26 November 2011:

*  nope, no shopping for me!  Linda went swimming, I got up with the girls and got them breakfast and we watched TV.  After T & J got up, I sneaked some time to read email and blogs and note that Surname Saturday - LNU (Massachusetts) posted. 

*  We left at 9:45 a.m. to go to Sea World.  It was a beautiful day - sunny and blue skies and about 75 F.  Took some pictures by the Christmas tree, then went to Dolphin show, walked through Turtles and Sharks, and then got lunch at Shipwreck Reef Cafe.  Linda and I sat near the exit while the girls played at the playground.  We left at 1:30 p.m. and were home by 2.

*  Everybody was tired, my foot hurt, and I got a short nap watching football.  Came in at 3 p.m. to make sure that Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Historical County Boundaries posted.  Matt wrote that I hadn't sent him my FORUM column, so I found it, edited it one last time, and sent it only a month late.  Rats - forgot to send it in October. 

*  Went in to entertain the girls and Spencer (who badly chewed one of Linda's nice sandals) and we took Linda out for dinner for her birthday to Miguel's in Eastlake.  We were home by 6:30 p.m. and T & J took their kids and dog home soon after.  It's quiet around the messy house.

*  I watched the SDSU football game - they beat UNLV 31-14 (so now 7-4). 

* Online to read, add to the Best Of post, answer some email, check Facebook, and write this post.

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