Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My genealogy day - 30 November 2011

Eleven months down, one to go.  I wonder if I've done any of my new year's resolutions.  I'm afraid to look!

*  Read email and blogs, then wrote My "Welcome to the World of Genealogy Blogs" article in "The Weekly Genealogist" newsletter.  Downloaded and read the latest NEHG Register. Wrote (Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 181: Visiting Liland Farm.

*  Put together Exploring RootsMagic 5 - Post 2: The Research Manager and set it for late morning.

*  Had lunch, got my briefcase and went off to the library for the CVGS program meeting.  Program started at noon, Georgie Stillman talked from 12:45 to 2:15 on ten member heirlooms.  She is so good!

*  Home by 3 p.m. to read, then write Genealogy Paintings - Unique Ancestry Art and FamilySearch Home Page and Search Forms Revisited.

*  Tami was here to teach a class, so we had dinner early, and I put the trash out, and watched the news. 

*  Back online at 6:30 to answer email, then worked in the database for awhile, and finished the three pages of Aunt Gerry's memories for the Journal.  Went in at 9 p.m. to watch the end of the SDSU basketball game, then added to the Best Of post, checked Facebook, and wrote this post.

Genealogy today was 10.5 hours.

End of November Genea-Musings statistics:

* 861 Feedburner readers (+15)
* 1,112 Google Reader readers (-5)
* 20,201 web page visits (673 per day, Site-meter)
* 34,165 page views (1,139 per day, Site-meter)

End-of-November statistics for RootsMagic database:

* 41,383 persons (-10)
* 16,398 families (+33)
* 108,391 events (+207)
* 4,906 places (+44)
* 715 sources (+26)
* 24,431 citations (+1062)

I pruned some unrelated people from the tree, but added a bunch of sources and citations.  Cool.  I'm up to 22.5% for citations/events and 59.0% for citations/persons.

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