Saturday, June 18, 2011

My genealogy days - 17 and 18 June 2011

I missed journaling last night because of time constraints.  And two little girls that came to visit on Friday and left tonight.  They are so cute and fun.

Friday, 17 June:

*  Read email and blogs, wrote Dear Randy: Can you explain this Genealogical Paradox?  Got cleaned up, and found the cemetery query, looked in the Glen Abbey file, found the lot number, and printed the map.

*  Stopped to get gas, at the library, then to Glen Abbey Memorial Park and found the site and took some pictures.  Even took more for the SSDCGraveyard Rabbit blog sometime soon.  Then to Costco for a Polish dog and drink for lunch.

*  Got home at noon, read, then wrote Genealogy Radio Shows and Webinars this weekend.   Tami and the girls came, and two down for naps, and Lolo went with Linda to the Y to practice swimming.  Wrote CVGS Research Group Summary - 8 June 2011  and  CVGS Computer Group Highlights - 15 June 2011 on Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog.

*  Went in to watch TV and nap, Audrey woke me up at 3:15 and we played.  Went to dinner at Rubio's and to Cold Stone for ice cream (Audrey shared mine) and were home by 7 p.m.

*  Listened to Geneabloggers Radio while giving girls a shower, got them dressed and ready for bed.  Audrey stayed awake until after 10.  Lolo passed out with Linda before 9. 

*  Wrote the Surname Saturday post and SNGF post.  Added to the Best Of post.  Checked Facebook.

Genealogy today was 7.0 hours.

Saturday, 18 June:

*  Up with the girls at 6:30 a.m., got them fed, dressed and played outside for awhile.  Tami up at 8:30 so that I could go off to CGSSD meeting.  Noted that Surname Saturday - PICKLE/BEUCHEL - Germany > NJ) posted. 

*  Left at 8:30 for UCSD in La Jolla, got there by 9 a.m., sat in FTM class and offered wisdom.  Then welcomed Gini and Elyse, and Elyse did an excellent job on Google: More than Genealogy to the assembled throng.  Tweeted through the whole thing. 

*  Home by 12:40 p.m. to eat lunch, then watched FGS Webinar with Josh Taylor of NEHGS.  Girls came home at 2 p.m., and went down for naps.  Noted that Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Who is Your Most Recent Unknown Ancestor? posted.

*  Wrote My daughter's Facebook photo.  Audrey up by 3:30, and Tami packed up and left after by 4.  Watched Padres game then we left at 4:45 for dinner at Oggi's.  Home by 6 p.m. to watch rest of the game.  Watered the back yard.  Padres lost 1-0 (now 30-42...doesn't look good for the boys).

*  Online at 7 p.m. to read, worked in RootsMagic a bit adding census sources from notes.  Installed Family Tree Builder and uploaded GEDCOM to MyHeritage on one-year subscription - thanks, MyHeritage! 

*  Checked Facebook, added to the Best Of post and started a SNGF compendium post, then wrote this blog post.

Genealogy today was 8.0 hours.

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Gini said...

It was great to see you at CGSSD . . . Elyse did do an excellent job, enjoyed her class very much!