Friday, May 20, 2011

My genealogy days - 19 and 20 May 2011

We got home late from the Padres game last night, so I didn't journal on Thursday.  A brief summary.

*  Wrote the following blogs on Thursday, 19 May:

** Dear Randy: What are Free-form Citations, and why are you using them?

** New FamilySearch Family Tree Compendium
** The New FamilySearch Family Tree - Post 5: Adding Person Identity Data to the Tree
**  Updated the NGS Conference Posts Compendium

*  Database work on Thursday included adding information and sources to several families (burning down my paper stack again) and adding a few bits of information on my Richman families from the Deceased Online database.  Edited many RICHMAN surnames to Richman in the database (but not all!).

*  In my real life, we went to the Padres game on Thursday, leaving at 5 p.m., eating at The Tin Fish, and the Padres beat the Brewers 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth.  We went home happy!

*  Wrote these blogs on Friday, 20 May:

**  More on Free-Form Citations and Template Source Citations

**  The New FamilySearch Family Tree - Post 6: Adding Sources to Assertions
**  CVGS Program Wednesday, 25 May: "My Ancestors Are From England"

** Updated the NGS Conference Posts Compendium
*  Wrote two posts for Saturday.

*  Worked awhile in the New FamilySearch Family Tree inputting sources for Isaac Seaver, and in searching for Jasia's missing family in the 1930 US Census.

*  Listened to the Geneabloggers show on Blog Talk Radio with DearMYRTLE hosting.  Enjoyed the guests and the chat.

*  In real life, went for my weekly two mile walk no the bayfront with George at lunch time, and got a haircut.

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