Thursday, February 17, 2011

My genealogy day - 17 February 2011

Stayed home today - nice and quiet - some serious genea-blogging going on.  Some sadness too.

*  Read email and blogs - seemed to take forever.  Searched for one of the Isaac Civil war pages to use, finally wrote Treasure Chest Thursday - Isaac Seaver's Civil War Pension Papers: Widow's Second Application.  Saw the news about Sandra, and wrote Rest in Peace: Sandra Hargreaves Luebking.  Sad.

*  Got cleaned up, and answered some emails.  Ate lunch at home.

*  Worked on Software Programs, GEDCOM Files and Source Citations - Some Recommendations for awhile.  Funny how some posts don't turn out the way you thought they would.  This was one.

*  Worked on source citations in my database for awhile, got through the VR-Rs.  Added several families to the database from the Threlfall book pages I obtained at the FHC three weeks ago.  Added source citations to every fact too.  I'm getting the hang of it, I guess.  Checked Facebook and Twitter.

*  Went in at 5 p.m. to watch TV.  Ron came for dinner so we talked until 7.  Watched TV and read the paper until 8 while Linda did her email. 

*  Read everything, answered more email, worked on sources - got though the VR-Ss.  Talked to Lori.  Added to the Best Of post.  Wrote this post.  done!

Genealogy today was 10.0 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 1.5 hour reading blogs, 3.5 hours writing blog posts, 0.5 hour on Twitter/Facebook, 3.5 hours working in the database. 

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