Thursday, January 6, 2011

Randy's Genealogy Days - 5 and 6 January 2011

Blogger seemed to crash on Wednesday evening where I couldn't post or edit anything, hence no post on 5 January.  A short summary:

Wednesday, 5 January:

*  Worked in the morning on Genea-Musings blog posts, printed off the CVGS Board meeting papers.

*  Went to meet Olive and Janice at 11:30 at the library, then the Board meeting, home by 3 p.m.

*  Wrote two more blog posts.  Worked in the evening on the CVGS Newsletter.   Edited last month's version in DOC format in OpenOffice, added about 60% of content.  Checked Facebook.

Genealogy on Wednesday was 10.0 hours - 0.5 hour on email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.5 hours writing blog posts, 3.5 hours on CVGS meeting, 3.0 hours on CVGS Newsletter.

Thursday, 6 January:

*  Read email and blogs, wrote Treasure Chest Thursday - 1888 New York Marriage Record of Isaac Seaver and Alvina Lewis and Using to Convert PDF Files to JPG Images.  Added some posts to the Sunday Best of post since I couldn't do it last night.  Got cleaned up.

*  Worked in the database cleaning up master sources and source citations.  Stated at the top and got down to the 1900 census.  Turns out I have lots of citations to the 1900 census without any citation detail, and they have to be added one at a time.  I got 133 items down to 80.  Lots more to do here!  Worked out a procedure to work around some of FTM 2011's quirks.

*  Wrote Table of Contents - Winter 2010 Issue of FGS FORUM (used the PDF snipping tool!)

*  Met Tami at 4 p.m. at Panera Bread for dinner, home by 5:15, watched TV until 6:30 p.m. while Linda did her email.

*  Opened the CVGS Newsletter DOC file and it's all messed up... didn't look like that last night!  Damn OpenOffice... decided to make a new master in OpenOffice format, and copied the text from the DOC file into the ODP file one page at a time.  Still have no clue on how to do a header...worked around it.  Added more content and am 85% done.  Hope nobody adds much on Friday!

*  Checked Facebook, wrote this post.

Genealogy today was 11.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 3.0 hours researching and writing blog posts, 4.0 hours working in the database, and 3.0 hours on the CVGS Newsletter.

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