Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Randy's genealogy Day - 14 December 2010

Hmmm, only 10 shopping days left until Christmas - better get started!!!  In that spirit, I found what I wanted today online, and also ordered something genealogy for me.  Now, I'd better work on Linda.  Stayed home all day, not sure how much progress I made...

*  Read emails and blogs, then noted that Advent Calendar - 14 December: Fruitcake - Friend or Foe? posted.  Wrote Tuesday's Tip - Use the FamilySearch Library Catalog and FHL Microforms.  Answered some emails.

*    Noted the FamilySearch.org site had changed, so researched and wrote The new www.FamilySearch.org is live!  quickly and posted it.  Wrote a post for Tuesday next week.  Added some blogs to the Reader, and voted for blogs again.

*  Had lunch, then worked in the database doing Place Name standards in FTM 2011 - got through the Ns and into the Os.  Got stuck in the Ps with the "probably" entries - lots, and all need editing.

*  Read first 50 pages of the new book i'm reviewing.  Interesting.  Back into the database, and got about halfway through the Probably entries before almost dozing off.  Downloaded new RootsMagic version and checked it out.  Copied my FTM 2011 database to BackUpMytree.com.

*  Stopped at 5 p.m. to watch TV, read the paper, eat dinner,.  Back online by 6 p.m. to read everything, then answer some email.  downloaded a Civil War file from Footnote for a cousin and emailed it to him.  Found Isaac Seaver's Civil War pension file number and ordered it online at NARA for my Christmas present to me.  Wrote about it for Wednesday.

*  Watched TV and read my book while Linda did her email.  Came back to write more posts for next week when we're gone.  Checked some WeRelate modifications and changed some data in FTM 2011 database to correspond.  FTM 2011 is really hard to enter data into, I think.  Checked Facebook, wrote this post, where did the time go?

Genealogy today was 11.0 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 1.0 hour reading blogs, 4.0 hours writing blog posts (10 or more?), 1.0 hour doing online research, and 4.0 hours working in my database. 

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