Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Day - 19 October 2010

The last day writing this for awhile - maybe back on Saturday.  Rainy day here in San Diego -would have been the first home game for the Padres in NLCS - probably would have been rained out.  We had tickets!

*  Read email and blogs, and noted that Tuesday's Tip - Use Message Boards to Find Distant Cousins posted. 

*  Worked in FTM16, FTM2010, RM4 and LFT7 to create source citation images for a future blog post.  Found out later I was inconsistent.  Drat. 

*  Wrote More thoughts about Ancestry.com Person View  and set it for later in the morning. 

*  Got into the FHL Catalog (the old one!) and printed off pages that might be helpful at the FHL on Friday.  Printed off all of the directions and reservations stuff too.

*  Went off to the bank in the rain - used the drive-by ATM.  Back home soon for lunch. 

*  Wrote the Surname Saturday post and worked in software again - made a new GEDCOM and imported into the other three programs.  Then made inconsistent screen shots again.  Gotta think this through.

*  Wrote I'm off to Salt Lake City for Blogger Day at FamilySearch, and more! and answered some email.  Watched some of the ball game, then took a short nap before dinner and start of the second game.

*  Came in after dinner to read everything, then wrote the Software post for Friday.   Had to revisit each program and capture screens to get it right.  Went in to watch end of Yankees game.

*  After the game, packed the suitcase and packed the laptop case and the FHL case.  Checked in on Facebook, and wrote this post.  I'm good to go, I think! 

Genealogy today was 7.0 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 3.0 hours researching and writing blog posts, 1.5 hours doing software things, and 1.0 working in the FHL catalog.

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