Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Days - 6-7 September 2010

I missed last night, eh? The Padres game ended late (we won finally!) , got into a chat with my daughter, and rolled off to bed without posting my day. Now let's see if I can remember anything!

Monday, 6 September 2010, Labor Day.

* Slept in! Read email and blogs then posted Amanuensis Monday - Probate Record of Samuel Gray (1681-1712) of Little Compton RI and tried to think of other blog posts to write. Blogger's block...

* Pondered about my Graveyard Rabbit Journal column, and finally wrote it up and sent it off on deadline. Took awhile.

* Had lunch at home, then wondered about my ancestor's occupations. Wrote The Occupations of my Ancestors. Should have included the mothers too, I think. nobody has complained yet.

* Burned down my email list for awhile too.

* Balanced the checkbooks and finished in time for dinner. Watched the Boise State game, then the Padres game. Pads won 4-2 over Dodgers, breaking 10-game skid. Must have been the kid with cancer that was the guest of the Padres. sign him up - he's 4-0 on the season!

* Read everything after the game, checked Facebook, chatted with Tami, and lost track of time.

Genealogy on Monday was 6.0 hours - 1.5 hours doing email, 0.5 hours reading blogs, 1.5 hours writing blog posts, 0.5 hour on Twitter and Facebook, and 2.0 hours researching and writing my column.

Tuesday, 8 September, first day of school for grandsons.

* Read email and blogs, then wrote Tombstone Tuesday - Effie E. Carringer (1858-1874). Got cleaned up.

* Posted Gary Brock's "Surnames and Their Meanings" Talk and Saturday Class, 11 September - Alfredo I. Peña talk on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog, plus two others, corrected the Seminar post and put it up top, and checked the Gmail.

* Gathered up the CVGS Newsletter stuff and off to the UPS Store to print our copies and mail them. Got it done in about 40 minutes.

* Grabbed the Buzzy book and wrote Book Review: Shaking the Family Tree by Buzzy Jackson.

* Had a quick lunch (apple, salami, pudding) and dove into my database. Did quite a few of the English church source citations of books and journals, still lots more to do. Then added several family names from stuff in my "to be put in database" file - stuff I've collected and haven't added while I'm struggling with errors, sources and place names.

* Ate dinner out on patio, watered the front plants, came back afterwards to read everything and work a bit more in database.

* In to watch the Padres game at 7:10 - Pads beat Dodgers 2-1 for second straight win and still in first place in NL West by 1 game.

* Washed dishes, read everything, checked Facebook, wrote this post, and I'm done!

Genealogy today was 9.5 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.5 hours writing blog posts, 1.0 hour on CVGS Newsletter, 0.5 hour on Twitter and Facebook, and 4.5 hours working in my database.

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