Thursday, September 9, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Day - 9 September 2010

A decent genealogy day up until we went to the Padres game, then ppffffttttt. Aarrrgggghhhhh.

* Read email and blogs, and posted Treasure Chest Thursday - Isaac Seaver's Will.

* Searched for something to post...saw the California 1852 State Census on Ancestry and went exploring, found the Whittle family as Wadle minus Joseph, so wrote I Found Rachel in the 1852 California Census.

* Got cleaned up, came back to look at some new things, played in the Member Trees a bit (very laborious...). Had telecon with Chris, then searched Ancestry census records and English BMDs for the Whittles and their offspring. Made some progress finding descendants in 1860-1900 census records, and added them to my database. Made no progress on English BMDs!

* Went in at 4:15 PM to get ready to go to the game, took the 5 PM trolley, had dinner at the Tin Fish, and in our seats by 6:30 PM. Read the paper and had my ice cream - highlight of the evening! Pads lost 7-3 to Giants, and it wasn't that close! Left after 7 innings, home by 10 PM.

* Read everything, checked Facebook, wrote this post and off to bed soon.

Genealogy today was 7.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blog posts, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, and 4.0 hours working in online databases and adding data to my database.

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