Saturday, July 31, 2010

Randy's Genealogy Day - 31 July 2010

I've gone seven months in 2010 without setting foot in the San Diego Family History Center. That is so embarrassing. I need to go order some films and read them on a regular basis. I need a list of things to do, I guess. I had one once, wonder where it is?

* Went off to the Swim club breakfast at 7 AM, got home by 8:30 and read email and blogs, then researched and wrote Surname Saturday - HORTON (England > MA > RI).

* Worked in the database while wondering what to choose for SNGF. Found some useful text information on Horton and associated families in a book on - never seen it before!

* Finally researched and wrote Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A "Brick Wall Ancestor" and found some useful, but confusing information about the Ruth families of Berks County PA.

* Worked in the database some more - got the Ds done, fixed some widow names and added some sources when I found them. Ran the Error report in FTM and have only 3,500 or so. Ran the Source report and it filled 450 pages. Need to finish the A-Cs then try to fix the errors, make the master sources better, and then take it into Legacy to resolve the place names. Then we'll see what happens next!

* Went in before 3 PM for a nap, then we packed up and left for the Padres game at 3:30 PM. Ate at the Tin Fish, in our seats at 5:20 PM, Pads lost 6-3 to the Fish and it wasn't that close. They haven 't won since trading for Tejada and Ludwick.

* Home at 9:20 PM, read everything, checked Twitter and Facebook, wrote this post.

Genealogy today was 6.5 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 1.5 hour writing blog posts, and 4.0 hours working in the database, adding notes, making sources, correcting errors.

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