Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 30 September 2009

I feel like I accomplished very little this month - probably because I was gone so much and didn't do much genealogy investigating for the blogs, and certainly didn't work on my upcoming presentations.

* Nice having Tami here - got onto the computer by 8 a.m. and read email and blogs and Twitter. Posted Wordly Wednesday - Family Photographs: Post 73 - Auble Cousins and then Trying to use GenSeek Application.

* Answered some emails and worked on a research problem for a friend. Tami and Linda took girls off for shopping, and I had lunch at home before heading to the library.

* CVGS meeting started at noon, had an excellent program by Dr. Seth Mallios from San Diego State Anthropology Dept. Will summarize it tomorrow. Home by 2:30.

* Downloaded Internet Genealogy magazine, and wrote October-November 2009 Issue of Internet Genealogy but it didn't post until much later because I got called away.

* Called the OASIS gal and she explained her problem, so I have another set of Beginning Computer Genealogy classes to do in November in addition to the October set.

* Went to dinner at 4 p.m. in Mission Valley - Tami had a dissertation appointment and we took the girls to Fashion Valley after dinner. Audrey is such a chick magnet - all of the ladies laugh and smile as she toddles along. We were home by 7 and they went home.

* Watched the Padres game, and read my chapter for ProGen chat on Thursday night. Pads won 5-0 over Dodgers.

* Online at 9:30 to read email and blogs, then Facebook and Twitter, and then this post before turning in.

Genealogy today was 7.5 hours - 1.0 hour reading email and blogs, 1.5 hour writing blog posts, 2.5 hours at CVGS meeting, 0.5 hour reading magazine, 1.0 hour doing online research, 0.5 hour doing ProGen reading, 0.5 hour on Facebook and Twitter.

Now the work gets serious. Need to polish my ProGen Proof Argument, finish my barely started FORUM column, and get going on the OASIS class material and my Ancestry presentation in two weeks. The latter two require some tailoring but not complete revisions, so it's doable. Then the Footnote presentation in two plus weeks needs to be put together, and the Genealogy Vacations presentation in four weeks needs to be created. Oops, forgot the CVGS newsletter editing in a week!

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