Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 12 August 2009

Had a busy genealogy day today but didn't make any progress on the presentation. Oh well - tomorrow!

* After reading email and blogs and Twitter, posted CGSSD Meeting on Saturday - Barbara Renick and then Wordly Wednesday: Family Photographs - Post 67: Gassing Up? before getting cleaned up.

* Went into the FGS site and started reviewing syllabus articles. I like it that they have them in individual files. Printed out several. Need to coordinate with the session schedule to see who/what I want to see/hear.

* Gathered up the last month's show-and-tell stuff and went off to McDonalds for lunch and then to the library for the CVGS Research Group.

* Had 12 at Research Group. We talked about Nancy's problem, then answered some questions, and went around the table. Some wonderful research and family stories.

* Was home by 2:30, and wrote up Research Group summary for CV Genealogy Cafe blog.

* Downloaded Family Tree Builder 4.0 and worked with it for awhile. Computer acted funny - a virus or worm from FTB? Dunno. Shut it down, shut down IE7 and reloaded - works OK.

* At 4:30 p.m., went in to watch news, take a nap, watch Padres game, eat dinner, put out trash, read New England Ancestors magazine, wash dishes. Put recent photos on flash drive to transfer to laptop. Ran scan on laptop. Padres won 6-5 over Brewers - 11 out of 15!

* Back online at 8:15 p.m., read everything, checked Facebook, checked FTB 4.0 again and got a McAfee warning. Uh oh. Wrote email to MyHeritage about it. Wrote "New England Ancestors" came today and tweeted it.

* Wrote this post.

Genealogy today was 9.0 hours - 1.5 hours reading email and blogs, 0.5 hour on Facebook and Twitter, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, 2.5 hours on CVGS meeting, 1.0 hour on FGS syllabus, 1.5 hours on Family Tree Builder.

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