Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 7 July 2009

Just another day in genea-blog-land...reading, blogging, testing,...oh, the dentist too.

* On computer by 8 a.m., read email, Twitter and blog posts on Bloglines, then wondered what to blog about. Saw message on the TGF list so wrote Study Program for Genealogists. Researched and answered question from Rhonda about FTM 16's locality lists.

* Off to the dentist at 9:40 a.m. for routine cleaning. I hate this but it has to be done. My teeth and gums are plaque machines. Home by 11:30.

* Read everything, had lunch, and watched the RootsTV videos and listened to the GenGuys and Lisa Cooke's podcasts. Wrote More SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Audio/Video.

* Checked out Source Lists on FTM16 to see if I can easily find the Facts for which I have a Source but not a Page Number in the Source. Umm, not readily apparent. Drat. FTM 2009 can do it easily, though. But I'm still working in FTM16 on my source citations.

* Went in at 3 p.m. for TV, read the paper, and a nap, and was back online at 4:15. Saw that FamilyLink had emailed about GenealogyWise so I signed up, captured some screens and wrote Genealogywise = Facebook for Genealogists. Tweeted about it, and lotsa folks signed up - some are my Friends!

* Went in at 5:30 to swat flies and watch TV, then dinner, and Padres game came on at 6:40. Snakes won 4-3...drat! Finished Deaver novel, started Paul Larsen's Genealogy book.

* Back online at 9:45, read everything, checked Facebook, wrote this post, done for the night.

Genealogy today was 6.0 hours - 1.5 hours reading, 1.5 hours researching and writing blog posts, 1.5 hours doing video and audio, 1.0 hour in FTM software, and 0.5 hour in GenealogyWise.

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Cousin Russ said...

Randy - I must have missed subscribing to this blog. Sorry.

The Version 16 issue of Family Tree Maker. Were you able to resolve this? Have you looked at the Documented Events Report?

Thank you,