Friday, July 3, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 3 July 2009

Another stay-at-home until dinner day...library was closed for the holiday, FHC too, so I worked a bit and played a bit.

* Read email, blogs and Twitter then posted Facebook/Twitter Meetup at SCGS Jamboree and wondered what else I could blog about. something will come up!

* Added the Presidents report to the CVGS newsletter, did more editing and fact checking - now all I need is the meeting minutes and I can wrap that puppy up.

* Downloaded some RevWar Pension Files for a friend, then checked Footnote, WVR and Rootsweb for info on Ben Kaber. Nada!

* Ate lunch at home. Decided to look for published information for my Plimpton ancestor line in Medfield MA - found a book online and copy/pasted text into my notes. Had to edit everything too, but got good info on four generations. Cited it too. Now I need to go find the deeds and probate records in the County records.

* Read the blog about the New Look for Family Trees and went into my AMT to get screen shots and wrote the post New Look for Family Trees - Post 1.

* Dinner time - we went to Daphne's and Linda found out that the sauce had soy in it, had a reaction. so we skipped the Cold Stone treat and stopped at the store and were home by 6:45. I watered the front plants and back yard.

* Padres game was terrible - Dodgers got 5 in the first inning and won 6-3. I read my book and checked email/blogs twice during the game, and watched one of Lisa's videos.

* After the game, read everything and wrote this post. Can't think of a daily 3 to post either - gotta get with that again.

Genealogy today was 10.5 hours - 2.0 hours reading everything, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, 2.0 hours on Footnote and WVR, 1.0 hour on Ancestry, 1.0 hour on CVGS newsletter, 2.0 hours in database working on Plimptons, and 0.5 hour watching videos.

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