Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 04/15/09

Tea party day - and the 3rd birthday for Genea-Musings too! I celebrated by doing what I love doing!

After email and blog reading and Twitter checking, I posted - coming in May 2009? and then Want a genealogy job? FamilyLink is hiring! I got cleaned up, posted Family Photographs - Post 51: The Longley's corn field, had lunch and went off to the library for the CVGS Computer Group.

I had to lead the group because Gary and Shirley were late in coming. We muddled through several web sites, but solved only one out of 12 problems raised by the attendees. Some folks did their own thing online in the Computer Lab. While I was there, the Uncle Ed post went online. I was home after 2 p.m., and read everything, then decided to write Genea-Musings is a 3-year old today! - some musings to celebrate the blogiversary (I had forgotten about it up until 2:30 p.m.!). That was fun - I had to go find the statistics and previous posts. At 4 p.m., I went in to watch the Padres game, read the paper, watered the back lawn, and we ate dinner at 6:30 p.m. The Pads lost to the Mets, 7-2 (we are now 6-3).

I was back on the computer at 7:30 p.m., and wrote up the CVGS Computer Group Summary on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog. Then it was time to really work on the presentation for 4/25. I loaded a number of scanned images into the file for Devier J. Smith to show that I've done a RES (Reasonably Exhaustive Search) for his life. I need to start loading the Lamphear data I've collected over the past few weeks, update my To-Do lists and research summary charts, come up with a great ending and I'm done. I'm already up to 78 slides... At 10:15 p.m., I started this post.

Genealogy today was 10.0 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 0.5 hour on Twitter/Facebook, 3.5 hours writing blog posts, 2.5 hours on CVGS activities, and 2.0 hours on the 4/25 presentation.

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