Sunday, March 29, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 03/29/09

A blogging-free day! Hmmm, except for this post. Maybe tomorrow. Of course, I couldn't let a day go by without something being posted - I wrote Working in RootsMagic 4 - Post 3: Adding a Child to a Family and Best of the Genea-Blogs - March 22-28, 2009 last night knowing that I wouldn't have time today to write anything significant.

I did read my email and blogs before going to church, and when I returned I jumped right into the Scanfest on Miriam's blog. During Scanfest, I scanned 18 pages worth of pictures from my Aunt Marion's California families album. There was quite a bit from my parents family and my own family that had not been scanned before, plus quite a few San Diego postcards.

Tami and her girls came just after 1 p.m., and Lolo took a nap but Audrey didn't. After Scanfest, I played with her most of the afternoon. Tami took Lauren to her friends for dinner and a movie, so we got Audrey for the evening. I fed her at dinner time, and then got her ready for bed. She went down for about 45 minutes then woke up bright eyed. I spent two hours trying to get her to go to sleep, but she is still awake and crying as I write this. She's been teething and hasn't been sleeping much. Her mom hasn't either.

Genealogy today was 4.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 0.5 hour on Twitter and Facebook, and 2.5 hours on Scanfest.

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