Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 01/21/09

This was a fairly fun genealogy day - lots of variety!

I was on the computer around 8 a.m., read my email and blogs, then posted Family Photographs - Post 39: the Point Loma House. I had to download and install my updated McAfee software this morning - it took awhile. I checked Twitter and Facebook, then worked in Legacy 7 for awhile trying to figure out how to resolve the place name so it shows up right on the map - never could make it work! Frustrated! The Help screen doesn't help much - I need a step-by-step I guess. I worked in FTM2009 looking at how my revised sources came across. FTM2009 is so slow! I posted Free eBook - "How to Use Technology to Strengthen Family Ties" and at 11:15 had lunch, gathered the laptop and flash drive, and went off to the library for the CVGS Computer Group.

The library opened at 12 noon, and there were 8 of us there in the Conference Room (someone else reserved the Computer Lab but they didn't show up - bummer!). I hooked my laptop up to the projector, and Gary and Shirley had theirs running too. At the start, I played the I'm My Own Grandpa video. There was no useful wireless signal so we couldn't go online. There were several Windows questions, which we demonstrated using my laptop and the projector. Then we worked a bit in FTM2008 (I don't have FTM2009 or Legacy 7 on my laptop - I need to do that!), since almost everybody at the meeting had it. Gary hooked the projector to his machine and demonstrated Family Tree Builder 3.0 for everybody - he created several books of his and Wanda's ancestry. I checked at the library to see if they had the San Diego Jewish-Times available - they don't, I'll have to check the San Diego Public Library for an obituary.

I was home about 2:15, and read email, blogs and Facebook, then posted Internet Archive of Books, thanks to Jennifer's tip. I decided I'd better work on my sources some more, so I opened my report on Ancestors of Frank Seaver, searched for "vr" and then added sources for the instances that I found it in my FTM16 database. I'm not done by a long shot! I have several more reports to search and then add the sources to my database in the right places. I stopped at 4:45 because I was dozing off, so I went in to watch the news, read the paper and eat dinner.

After dinner, Linda used the computer for awhile, but I was back on at 7 p.m. and read email, blogs and Facebook, then worked on my Genealogy is Fun! presentation handout. I went looking for humor, video, poetry, prose, gifts, clip art web sites and listed them out to copy and distribute on Saturday. I wrote a post for tomorrow morning, and then this post.

Genealogy today was 10.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.0 hours writing blog posts, 0.5 hour on Facebook, 2.0 hours on CVGS activities, 1.0 hour in FTM2009 and Legacy 7, 1.5 hour working on database sources, and 2.0 hours working on the presentation handout.

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