Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Genealogy Journal - 01/13/09

I woke up in Salt Lake City at 7:25 a.m. after the best night's sleep in six nights. My cold is finally over, I think. I jumped up, cleaned up, checked my email and blogs in a hurry, went over for breakfast, came back and packed, checked out of the hotel before 9 a.m. and waited 15 minutes for the shuttle to come for me. I was to the airport by 9:30 a.m. or so for an 11:15 flight back to San Diego. I read my Dean Koontz book all the way, and Linda picked me up just after noon.

We went for lunch at In-N-Out, and were home by 1 p.m. I checked my email and blogs, then wrote I didn't do it... Ancestry and Rootsweb are down right now and Leland is keeping score about the TGN visit. Ancestry came back up after 3 p.m., but Rootsweb is still down at 10 p.m. I wrote an email to the CVGS list about the Research Group meeting, and then checked in on Facebook and Twitter, then gave up the keyboard to Linda at 4:30. I went in to watch the news, read the paper and take a nap. We went out to dinner at 5:30 with our elderly neighbors to Panera Bread, and were home by 7:30.

I checked email, blogs, Facebook and then started writing the Genealogy News of the Month for the CVGS Research Group meeting on Wednesday. Then this post and I'm done for the night.

Genealogy today was 6.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 1.5 hour writing blogs, 0.5 hour on Facebook, 1.0 hour messing around on Ancestry.com, and 2.0 hours doing the Genealogy News email.

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Bill West said...

I checked after reading this and Rootsweb was back up. It's 2:44am