Sunday, November 9, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 11/09/08

Sunday was a pretty typical football season Sunday - not much genealogy, church and a Chargers game to watch.

I read email and blogs before going to church. I called my contact (Ed's brother) in Georgia to see if we had a time for our phone call with them, but I had to leave a message. We went off to church at 9:30, and got home by 11:30, so I called again and talked to him at some length. We have to postpone the phone call until later in the week. I called Ed to tell him, and he was disappointed but understood. Before the Chargers game, I did manage to squeeze out Best of the Genea-blogs - will be back next week. Then it was time for NFL football. Hopes were high that my Chargers would find a defense and improve on offense. The Chiefs played a pretty good game, but missed an extra point on a bad snap. When they closed to 20-19 late in the 4th quarter, they went for two points to win it rather than the kick to tie it. Bad decision, they failed and the Bolts were lucky to win 20-19. The Chargers played poorly on offense, and not great on defense, but it was good enough to win.

I finished the paper during the game, so I started reading the Google Your Family History book by Dan Lynch. Great book! I had to g out after the game and cut the front lawn, then watched the night game for awhile before dinner, and after dinner I did some honey-dos helping Linda get ready for her meeting at our house tomorrow. Finally, at 7:30, I came back to the computer and decided to write I Knew How the Election Would Go ... Then it was time for Desperate Housewives, and I came back after that to write this post. I'll watch the news and sports soon.

Genealogy today was 4.0 hours - 0.5 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 0.5 hour on Facebook, 0.5 hour on Project M, and 2.0 hours writing blog posts.

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