Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got Tagged...

I got tagged for the "5 Things about me" meme. I started this meme, but it's interesting to see the progression in two days:

1. Genea-Musings tagged
2. footnoteMaven at footnoteMaven, who tagged
3. Sheri Fenley at The Educated Genealogist, who tagged
3. T.K. at Before My Time, who tagged
2. Carol Wilkerson at iPentimento, who tagged
5. The Geneaholic

A second track was:

1. Genea-Musings tagged
2. Thomas MacEntee on Destination:Austin Family and Jasia on Creative Gene, who tagged
3. Apple on Apple's Tree, who tagged
4. T.K. at Before My Time, who tagged
5. Carol Wilkerson at iPentimento, who tagged
6. The Geneaholic

Thanks, Carol for the tag. I defer to my Genea-Musings posting for my information - but I want to tag five more genea-bloggers (well, more than five):

1. The Ancestry Insider
2. Sharon at Back-Track
3. Terry at The Desktop Genealogist
4. David at Family History Tracing
5. Russ at Family Tree Maker User.

6. Holly at Genealogy Musings.
7. Deb at Genealogy, Middle Age and Life
8. Tina at Gtownma's Genealogy
9. Carolyn at Life in Possum Holler
10. Laura at Life at the Home20

If I get tagged again, I'll add more!

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