Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 07/16/08

Genealogy was on the front burner today. I was on the computer by 8:30 a.m., and read my email and blogs. I posted "Can Your Software Do This" for TMG based on an email correspondent's input, then took some photos of some photos (first I had to figure out how to suppress the flash - downloaded the user's manual and read it!), transferred them to the computer, and posted "The Smith Kids" in my Family Photographs series. I explored Ancestry for awhile, then had lunch and left at 11:30 to pick up Katy for the CVGS meeting.

Katy was waiting for me, and we got to the library just as it opened. The computer Group piled into the computer lab and staked out computers - I sat next to Katy and Marie today and tried to help them both. Marie wanted to look in Scottish records, and we found the 1841 and later census records easily on Ancestry, but she scratched around in for awhile looking for records - but it's a pay site. Katy worked in census records for her Larkin family and found several records. Dave was in back of me, and he had several people looking for his Lehr family, including me. I took Katy home afterward, and was home myself by 2:30.

I read email and blogs, then posted "Probably NOT 'the world's longest family tree'" based on a news article about two guys with a perfect DNA match with a 3,000 skeleton (where's the mutations?). Then I posted about the CGSSD meeting on Saturday. I answered several emails on my Seaver line and went in to watch the news, take a nap and read the paper at 4:30. We had dinner on the patio, and afterward I cut and trimmed the front lawn. I was back in by 7:30. I've been putting off my TGF reading assignment, so I figured out what I needed to read, read it online, and printed it out for later. Then I worked on answering Nancy's research question about her Texas guy, James Matthew Peace who died about 1870. I posted a notice about Ancestry Library Edition being removed from the CV library system. Finally, this post and I want to take a short walk and read my Baldacci novel.

Genealogy today was 8.0 hours - 1.0 hour doing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 1.5 hours writing blog posts, 2.5 hours at the CVGS computer group, 1.0 hour on the TGF assignment, and 1.5 hours on research for Nancy.

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