Thursday, May 29, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 05/29/08

This was another full genealogy day, unsullied by a break to watch the Padres game - they were on radio only today - we won 5-2.

I was on the computer before 8 a.m. reading email and blogs, and posted "At the Beach!" for the upcoming Carnival of Genealogy. I poked around for lost photographs for awhile thinking it may be a topic for Genea-musings. I don't remember what else I did in the morning. My work colleague called and we met for lunch at Fuddruckers in downtown Chula Vista - it's a burger and shake place. He offered me a contract job - I haven't said no yet...

I was home by 1 p.m. and posted "CVGS 'Scottish Research' Program with Jackie Webster" on both the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe and Genea-Musings. Then I beavered away at my project concerning how many people on the census are in WorldConnect databases. I did about 75 people before I stopped for a break. Then I read some blogs, and posted "Records from Central and South America on Ancestry" in response to the Gary Gibb blog post. I was tired, so I went in to watch the news, read the paper, take a nap and have dinner. We ate out on the patio. After dinner, I went out and cut the front lawn.

I was back on the computer by 7:15 p.m. and finished my ProGen study assignment for an educational plan. I emailed that to my study group colleagues for review and comments. I checked my Bloglines list to see if there are some blogs not posting regularly, and there are many. I culled those out that haven't posted since December. My daughter called and we talked for over 30 minutes before I could finish this post. I'm off to bed soon.

Genealogy today was 8.0 hours - reading and writing emails was 0.5 hour, reading blogs was 1.0 hour, writing blog posts was 2.0 hours, doing my census/WC project was 2.0 hours, doing my ProGen assignment was 1.5 hours, and looking at lost photos was 1.0 hour.

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