Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 05/20/08

I stayed home today - only went out to get the paper, watch the birds tonight, and to say goodbye to our dinner guest.

Although I was up early (6:15), I didn't get to the computer until 9 a.m. After reading email and blogs, I posted "The Ancestry Card Catalog" on Genea-Musings. I worked for about an hour in Ancestry trying to find MS records for my colleague, and failed miserably. There are marriages but no deaths or births online. In email, a fellow who lives in a Seaver-built house in Vermont wrote and asked for more info on the original Seaver builder. I went into my database and created a 56 page report for him - after editing a whole family line (5 generations at least) to make the notes and sources be more consistent. While doing this, it struck me again just how much work it will be to put all of my databases in consistent order with accurate source citations. I dread doing it...

Lunch time, and then I sent an email to the CVGS list about the upcoming events and some research tips. I downloaded the latest Family Tree Builder and tested it out - it's good for a free program. Linda came home and I took a nap while she did her email. At 3 I was back on, and posted "La Jolla DAR Workshop on May 24" on both Genea-Musings and the CV Genealogy Cafe. I also posted the "NGS NewsMagazine TOC" on Genea-Musings and "Military Collection Free on Ancestry until May 31" on the CV GenCafe. Finally, I posted "FTM with Ancestry Deals" to get this info down on paper. I spent almost an hour exploring the genealogy/history related items on eBay - lots of Massachusetts and San Diego items, interesting. Didn't think of buying anything, though!

At 5, I went in to watch the news. Our friend, Walt who just lost his wife, came at 5:30 for dinner, so we went out in the back yard afterward, watched the news, and then watched the Padre game. My Pads won 3-2... and my reward was washing many dishes. Then I read email and blogs and this post. I read a bit of "Saxons, Vikings and Celts" tonight but it is really technical in parts...

Genealogy today was 8.0 hours - 0.5 hour reading and writing email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 2.0 hours writing blogs, 2.0 hours working in my Seaver database, 1.0 hour working on FTB, 1.0 hour looking for MS records, and 1.0 hour scanning through eBay.

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