Saturday, March 8, 2008

Family History Journal - 03/08/08

My six word genealogy memoir for today is Read, Blog, FHC, SDGS, Shop, Research.

As always, I started my genealogy day at 8:30 a.m. reading my email and blogs using Bloglines. I posted "The Elusive Sarah Sephrona Fletcher ..." about one of my elusive female ancestors. I printed off about 30 flyers to take with me today to the SDGS meeting. Then I tried to post another blog, but Blogger was messed up so it waited until I got home.

I remembered my flash drive and I was off to the FHC at 10 a.m. I copied the Oneida County NY deeds for Russell Smith from film to the flash drive, then ordered 3 more films, and helped a fellow do some census research. At 11.15 I jumped in the car, ate my quickie lunch, and went to the SDGS meeting. I talked to Marna beforehand and was able to put my flyers out. I bought several paperback books for leisure reading, then enjoyed the two talks by Kathleen Trevena. The goodies were excellent today - donuts, cookies, candy, etc. Then it was home by 3 p.m. I quickly got back into blogger and posted "My Ancestral Homes Bucket List" and created a few more "elusive female ancestors" in FTM, and edited some of the notes too. Then I shopped for some genealogy books and bought 3 at Eastman's bookstore.

We went out to dinner to the Butcher Shop tonight - it's my favorite place to eat - a nice filet mignon, salad, baked potato, and garlic bread is my kind of meal. Mine was fine, Linda's came late and wasn't so good. We talked about a cruise, Jamboree and other genealogy things. I ate too much We were home by 7 p.m. and I did my hubby-do chores - swifter the tile and vacuum the floors.

Then on the computer I did a little research for the Trevena topics, then wrote the post "Ancestral Dollars and Cents by Kathleen Trevena at SDGS Today." I checked Ancestry to see what new databases they have (lots!) and tried to read the latest Ancestry Magazine (I'm locked out for some reason - it's supposed to be free for Ancestry subscribers). Then I looked for early census records for Cornelius Feather in PA and John Kenyon in RI/CT, and had only some luck. Time to stop and watch the news, I think.

Genealogy today was 7.5 hours - 0.5 hour reading email, 0.5 hour reading blogs, 1.5 hours blogging, 1.0 hour at the FHC doing research, 2.5 hours at the SDGS meeting, and 1.5 hours messing around on Ancestry.

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Janice said...

7.5 hours of genealogy!! Wohoo now I understand your blog's title! lol

I've added this blog as a link on my own.

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