Monday, February 4, 2008

Genealogy Journal - 02/04/08

This was not a genealogy day ... Linda is sick with a cough and congestion, so we went to the doctor this morning - he gave her pills to fight pneumonia and osme cough meds. We grocery shopped afterward and were home by 11. At 12:45 PM, I left to pick up a friend up Clairemont to take her to the doctor in Chula Vista (18 miles away) at 2 PM, then took her afterward to a friend's home in CV, and I was back home by 3 PM. Linda was on the computer, so I watched TV and took my nap, then read the paper and made dinner for us (a friend dropped off some Olive Garden soup and rolls for Linda).

Genealogy today was limited to reading email and Bloglines (1.0 hour total); blogging (1.0 hour total) on the Best of the Genea-Blogs for last week and My Genealogy Elevator Speech on Genea-Musings; doing some CVGS work - posting the Genealogy Days in CV for February (0.5 hours); and doing a little family research on the Munger/Woodward/Vaux families in Kansas (0.5 hours) - a total of 3.0 hours. I'm a little burned out...tomorrow will be a better genealogy day without as many "honey-dos" as today.

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