Friday, December 14, 2007

Genea-Journal - 12/14/07

This was an interesting genealogy day. I only had time to read my email and Bloglines before I went off to my physical therapy at 9 AM. I took along my camera and an email because I'd arranged to meet Wilma, a CVGS colleague, at Glen Abbey Memorial Park to look for a mausoleum and the deed to the building. I got there at about 9:45, and she came soon after. We drove out to the mausoleum and I took some pictures - it is not an architectural marvel - it's a box with Spanish tile on top of it. Locked up. We went back to the office, where she knows everybody since she worked in the files for many years, and we tracked down the file for the mausoleum. It had only an agreement to build it, and there was no deed in any of the files. Oh well, my email correspondent will be disappointed. We left at 10:30, and I came home.

I posted my Advent Calendar blog on Genea-Musings about my Family Journal, and then decided to start transcribing the RevWar pension file I got at the FHC on Wednesday. I transcribed Mary Row's affidavit into FTM, but got real sleepy, so I took a nap. An hour later, I finished up the transcription, and then made a list of what was in the 48 pages of the file. I wrote that up in a blog post comparing HQO and Footnote files but it didn't upload for some reason - I didn't find that out until 8 PM! Linda wanted to do her email, so I watched the news and read the paper.

After dinner, we delivered food to a family that just lost the husband/father, and then drove by Christmas Tree Lane in Chula Vista. We got home at 8 PM, and I discovered my post had not uploaded. So I fixed it and it went fine. Checked my email and Bloglines, read some news and politics, did a little research on Ancestry for one of Linda's friends, and then posted the comparison of HQO and Footnote pages here. I'm done for the night after posting this.

Linda's friend is going to write down what she knows and I'll try to find records to find names, dates and places. I love to do things like this for people - I like the challenge, helping people, and perhaps turning someone on to genealogy and family history. Besides, it's more fun than putting captions on photo album pages that no one is likely to read.

Genealogy today - 7.0 hours total, including 1.0 hour reading email and Bloglines, 1.5 hours blogging, 1.0 hours doing CVGS queries (the cemetery), 2.5 hours transcribing the RevWar file, and 1.0 hour researching for the friend.

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