Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Genea-Journal - 12/04/07

I stayed home this morning, then we went to lunch with neighbors for Linda's birthday at the Black Angus. We were home before 3 PM, and I took a nap. After dinner, I brought in the Christmas ornaments and things so we can start decorating. The tree is up, the lights work, we need to get ready for the party next Tuesday night.

8:00 AM -- I read my email and Bloglines, then posted my Advent story about Holiday Decorations on Genea-Musings. Then I typed the Board agenda for the CVGS meeting on Wednesday, and sent it to the Board members. I played around with Google and other search engines trying to see what info there was for my elusive ancestor, Ranslow Smith. Most of what is on the web is my own posts. I compared Google, Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista in my post here. I Googled some on Devier Smith and found an intriguing item - a name change. I did a bit more searching before I had to go to lunch.

4:00 PM -- Back to the Devier Smith name change mystery - I finally posted 'Tis a Mystery! and then we had dinner.

6:30 PM -- Tried to finish my Journal printing - got down to the last 7 pages (out of 400) and messed them up - I put page 9 on the back of page 7 somehow. So I made more page 7's and will do the page 8's tomorrow (I let the ink dry for a day - the back side comes out much better). I looked in Ancestry and WorldConnect for info on my William Knapp (1775-1856), another elusive ancestor. I printed off some WorldConnect data on collateral families - will have to see if that is in my database. Then I tried to find info on Sarah Cutter's ancestors - I found several sourced WorldConnect databases with information on the Gach/Gage family, and then found a book on Ancestry about the John Gage family of Ipswich MA. some of this is new for me, so I printed about 10 pages from the book to see if I can extend that line. Finally, I read email and Bloglines, and then watched the 14 minute video about Genealogy Cruisin' with Megan and Dick on RootsTV.

Genealogy today - 8.0 hours. Blogging 1.5 hours, CVGS 0.5 hours, Research 4.0 hours, Journal 0.5 hour, watching RootsTV 0.5 hour, reading/sending email and Bloglines 1.0 hour. Hmmm, no scanning - drat! Only 10 days left to finish off the CD and send them out. I live on the edge sometimes...

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