Monday, November 26, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/26/07

Monday was a pretty "full" and "fun" genealogy day. The only breaks were for eating, reading and driving.

8:30 a.m. - Read my email and Bloglines. Got my stuff together for the CVGS meeting - flyer masters, program masters, speaker certificate, last newsletter, SDGS flyers, briefcase, yep - all set. In retrospect, I forgot the big CVGS publicity boards - they stayed in the garage all day! At 9, I left for the copy shop and made the needed copies for the program and the flyers for our December meeting. Then it was off to the Post Office to pick up the mail, and then to the library. I got in about 9:45 and set out the handouts, opened the mail, set up the podium in the auditorium, and was ready to greet the folks when they entered at 10 a.m. Several others come in before the doors open to set up the auditorium, set out the refreshments, have the signup sheet ready, and be ready to sell raffle tickets.

At 10:20 a.m., I called the meeting to order - we had 33 in attendance today. After a 30 minute business meeting, our program chair introduced the speaker. I posted about the program in "Georgie Stillman presented a wonderful program" on Genea-Musings, so I won't recount it here. After the presentation, we scarfed up the food in the conference Room, cleaned up and went off to lunch. Unfortunately, Georgie couldn't join us. After lunch at Panera with 6 colleagues, I headed home.

2 p.m. - Reflected on a great program today. Decided to write this week's Della's Journal entry here, then wrote my post about the program. I read my email and Bloglines and took some time to read my politics and news sites. In email, a correspondent asked for some comments about genealogy blogging so I responded with my normal prolixity. Then it was dinner time!

7:00 p.m. - After dinner and reading the paper, I came back determined to work a bit on the Christmas Family Journal. I have 11 pages (out of 16) pretty much done, so I decided to start the printing process. For two hours, the printer clicked away on 25 copies of 6 pages. I had to replace both HP ink cartridges, but only lost 5 pieces of paper. I'll do the back sides tomorrow night. While printing I first looked on Ancestry for newspaper articles for several of my ancestors but had no luck whatsoever. Then I watched four Roots TV segments, and posted about them in "Cruising with Eastman" on Genea-Musings. Then I posted two of my Genea-Musings posts on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog. I'm done for the night - gotta finish this, check my stats, do the dishes and go read my book until slumber creeps over me.

In a comment to yesterday's post, Barbara asked for an explanation of this Family Journal. I posted about this in "My Family History Journal." This is my 20th edition, and will feature articles about my Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Jim, including my remarks at Gerry's service; pictures and narrative about the Seaver family houses in Leominster; the biography and will of Job Card (1653-1739) of RI; some family event news; some pictures of Gerry; the Union Case with Isaac and Lucretia Seaver; our cousinhood to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, an article about Jonas and Mary (Loker) Prescott; and a family history quiz. Quite a bit of this year's edition has already appeared in Genea-Musings previously, so some of it was a cut-and-paste job, which reduces the writing task a bit.

Genealogy today - 9.5 hours, blogging 1.5 hours, Journal 1.5 hours, CVGS program and lunch 4.5 hours, watching RootsTV 1.0 hour, reading email and Bloglines 1.0 hour.

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