Sunday, November 4, 2007

Genea-Journal - 11/04/07

This was not a good day for much of anything. I did set the clocks back, mow the lawn, take a nap and watch my Chargers get creamed. There wasn't much genealogy done!

8:00 AM: The morning email brought the obituary for my uncle, Jim Remley, so I posted it on Genea-Musings here. Then I read Bloglines, and saw that the Carnival of Genealogy was posted, so I wrote a blog on Genea-Musings here. Then it was time to get ready to rumble with my Chargers ....

2:45 PM: After the game (we lost 35-17 and it wasn't that close), I took a nap, and then worked for about an hour on the Best of the Genea-blogs post for last week - posted here. Then I went to watch the end of the Patriots-Colts game and did the lawn.

7:00 PM: Checked email and Bloglines. I posted the FTM2008 webinar post on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog here, then sent an email to the mailing list about the CVGS programs for November. I wanted to check out my cousins Soule ancestry in Maine, so I found the census stuff I had found months ago and looked for connections in WorldConnect and OneWorldTree. Even though these were New England families, I found very little for the families in the 1800's. Before 1800, there are decent trees available, so I'm going to have to fill in the families for about 100 years using other resources, probably family and locality books. Then it was time for Desperate Housewives...they even got into a family medical history a bit.

10:00 PM: Last check of everything, wrote this post, check the stats and off to watch the news.

Only about 4.5 hours today, of which blogging took about 2 hours. It's supposed to be a day of rest.

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