Sunday, March 11, 2007

Feeling Guilty

A real Geneaholic will always bite off more than s/he can chew. For instance, my genealogy "life" currently includes:

1) Finding primary information material in original sources for my ancestral families (for instance - vital, probate, land, military, church records). I usually try to work on one locality at a time in order to make complete surveys of the available data and not have to order microfilms more than once.)

2) Entering all of the biographical and record material into my databases. I have a fine stack of papers waiting to be abstracted or transcribed.

3) Reading the magazines and journals I receive and try to apply lessons learned or information gained to my own research.

4) Listen to genealogy podcasts and downloaded conference talks, tune into Family Roots Radio each week, and check Roots Television occasionally.

5) Lead the Chula Vista Genealogical Society effectively at board meetings, Research Groups and program meetings - and attend committee meetings, Computer Group, and other functions. Keeping several balls in the air to make the society work seamlessly is almost always the norm.

6) Attend genealogy society meetings and seminars in San Diego when they occur.

7) Create presentations and programs for the local genealogy societies. I try to create three a year in response to perceived needs for program topics.

8) Help friends, colleagues or correspondents with their family history when or if they want help.

9) Write blog posts that inform, amuse, or stimulate my readers. I have used my blog posts to provide articles for the CVGS newsletter.

Why am I feeling guilty? Mainly because I don't seem to spend enough time on items 1 and 2. The rest of the items are part of my normal daily or weekly routine now, for better or for worse. I don't want to give them up. I like doing them. They makes me feel competent and admired.

I also feel guilty that I hide myself away in my genea-cave for several hours every night while my Linda watches TV or talks on the phone. She enjoys hearing about my genealogy journey and really enjoys meeting people and going to new places on vacation.

How about you - do you feel guilty doing genealogy research and the other activities related to genealogy? Does genealogy work interfere with your work or personal life? or Tell me about how you deal with this.

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Lee said...

Lately, I have the opposite problem. I feel guilty when I'm not working on my genealogy. My aunt is not getting any younger, and she really wants the family history in print before she passes on. I also have several unrelated case studies I am working on, and I feel like I don't give them enough time either. I used to live at my computer when I wasn't at a library or in a cemetery, but I think I need a change of pace for a bit (and a good lead wouldn't hurt) so that I can rebuild my steam.